Nantes – The elephant!

Les Machines was the one and only thing I kept thinking about before the trip. Such a pity, when I reached the place, it was soooo crowded that I gave up buying tickets to see the whole museum. But just looking at the building from outside, I made myself swear that I will come back and pre-purchase the ticket online. It was truly a masterpiece of modern world!

I think the managers of the place let people see the elephant for free as an appeasement, like, “We know you forgot to buy the ticket earlier, we know you can’t handle to long line, thank you for coming anyway, here, take a look at this giant mechanic moving, water spraying elephant!”


This is awesome enough! I definitely will come back for the rest soon! You can check the price for their service online, like riding on the elephant or trying a super cool Gothic style merry-go-around!


The main square with magnificent fountain and a peak of St. Nicholas Church. Typical French!


200 years old Passage de Pommeraye. The shopping passage was stunning and bright with glass ceiling, very different from others I have been to. Absolutely gorgeous. I wish it was less crowded though 😦



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