Exploring my “goût des parfums”

My to-have, must-have, adoration, addiction. My treasures.

  1. Etat Libre D’Orange
  • Fat Electrician

A very interesting vetyver fragrance. It’s almost everything you can scent at first, vetyver vetyver. Then the more you walk into this green fresh field, you realize somewhere there are hints of sweetness and smokiness, delicately enough, a little creamy. My impression of Fat Electrician was so intense that it will forever be my favorite.

Image result for fat electrician

  • Jasmine et Cigarette

My first sniff of Jasmine et Cigarette, I said “Oh my god…”. This is the description for a perfumer’s creativity and sensuality. A must try if you like Cigarette scent.

Image result for jasmin et cigarette

  • La fin du Monde

Since the very first moment, she came to me bringing a fully nutty, buttery scent. But not that kind of roasted scent, it was pure dried nut separately with a slice of soft just touch a heated pan. You can tell those two scents apart right away, but they come together so perfectly that you just have to forget about that and smile.

Image result for la fin du monde etat libre d'orange

  • Noel au balcon

Christmas is certainly not an Asian ritual. Books and movies created in me an idea of Christmas, of gathering around the fire place, drinking vin chaud and having chocolate yule log or cinnamon cookies. It should be warm, spicy but sweet, a bit fresh somewhere from Christmas tree in the front room. All of that I found in Noel au balcon, the Christmas night I have never had.

Image result for noel au balcon etat libre d'orange

Worth trying: 

Fils de Dieu and Magnificent Secretions. I don’t love these two but I’m glad I tried them.

Fils de Dieu has a pleasant hint of Rice that I appreciate, I had never thought of a rice scent perfume before and this is a great inspiration.

Magnificent Secretions is actually too intense and annoying for me, but it brings up memories of laksa leaves (rau răm/vietnamese coriander). We put these herb into porridge so it’s kinda weird to wear it on our bodies.

Image result for fils de dieu etat libre d'orangeImage result for secretions magnifiques etat libre d'orange

2. L’Artisan

  • Tea for two

An amazing lovely tea fragrance.

Image result for tea for two l'artisan

  • Dzing!

A very simple, somehow nostalgic scent of leather and circus, clean but old at the same time. After a few hours, it magically reveals the sweet notes of tonka beans, candies, caramel.

Image result for dzing!

Worth trying

Fou d’Absinthe, if you like the scent of the green fairy. It comes down to a very clean and sweet and fresh, yet a bit warm and woody (kind of contrast to the first crazy alcohol impression).

Image result for fou d'absinthe

3. Atelier Cologne

  • Oolang infini

Oolang tea, not dried but fresh. With a green note of vetyver, floral of jasmine. Deep down is the warmth of wood. These all turn out to be a complicated, sophisticated scent that can fit all occasions, all seasons.

Image result for oolang infini

3. Juliette has a gun

  • Not a perfume

Image result for not a perfume by juliette has a gun

4. Parfumarie Generale

  • L’eau de circé (05)

A perfect feminine blend of fruity, sweet plums/peaches and floral osmanthus, orchid..

Image result for L'eau de circé




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