Exploring my “goût des parfums”

My to-have, must-have, adoration, addiction. My treasures.

  1. Etat Libre D’Orange
  • Fat Electrician

A very interesting vetyver fragrance. It’s almost everything you can scent at first, vetyver vetyver. Then the more you walk into this green fresh field, you realize somewhere there are hints of sweetness and smokiness, delicately enough, a little creamy. My impression of Fat Electrician was so intense that it will forever be my favorite.

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  • Jasmine et Cigarette

My first sniff of Jasmine et Cigarette, I said “Oh my god…”. This is the description for a perfumer’s creativity and sensuality. A must try if you like Cigarette scent.

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  • La fin du Monde

Since the very first moment, she came to me bringing a fully nutty, buttery scent. But not that kind of roasted scent, it was pure dried nut separately with a slice of soft just touch a heated pan. You can tell those two scents apart right away, but they come together so perfectly that you just have to forget about that and smile.

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  • Noel au balcon

Christmas is certainly not an Asian ritual. Books and movies created in me an idea of Christmas, of gathering around the fire place, drinking vin chaud and having chocolate yule log or cinnamon cookies. It should be warm, spicy but sweet, a bit fresh somewhere from Christmas tree in the front room. All of that I found in Noel au balcon, the Christmas night I have never had.

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Worth trying: 

Fils de Dieu and Magnificent Secretions. I don’t love these two but I’m glad I tried them.

Fils de Dieu has a pleasant hint of Rice that I appreciate, I had never thought of a rice scent perfume before and this is a great inspiration.

Magnificent Secretions is actually too intense and annoying for me, but it brings up memories of laksa leaves (rau răm/vietnamese coriander). We put these herb into porridge so it’s kinda weird to wear it on our bodies.

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2. L’Artisan

  • Tea for two

An amazing lovely tea fragrance.

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  • Dzing!

A very simple, somehow nostalgic scent of leather and circus, clean but old at the same time. After a few hours, it magically reveals the sweet notes of tonka beans, candies, caramel.

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Worth trying

Fou d’Absinthe, if you like the scent of the green fairy. It comes down to a very clean and sweet and fresh, yet a bit warm and woody (kind of contrast to the first crazy alcohol impression).

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3. Atelier Cologne

  • Oolang infini

Oolang tea, not dried but fresh. With a green note of vetyver, floral of jasmine. Deep down is the warmth of wood. These all turn out to be a complicated, sophisticated scent that can fit all occasions, all seasons.

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3. Juliette has a gun

  • Not a perfume

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4. Parfumarie Generale

  • L’eau de circé (05)

A perfect feminine blend of fruity, sweet plums/peaches and floral osmanthus, orchid..

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Learn to watch movie

Sound weird, I know, but I don’t watch movie really often. I don’t go to the cinema, I seldom watch movie online and almost never watch television. I’m just lazy.

I also have always been not patient enough, yet I’m curious. That’s why I always googled the plot on Wikipedia to find out what happen and I was fine with just that.

But it always seems wrong somehow. Like, if I’m not even patient enough to watch a movie, what can I even do? Those few times I finish a good one, I constantly blame myself for missing gems like this.

So I start to watch movie almost everyday, like a must-do whenever I have free time. I was overwhelmed as the industry is so huge and I’m trying piece by piece, exploring my own taste, experimenting stepping out of my preference…

This list is updated as my experience with films got built up. These below are all amazing must-see movies that I can always watch again and totally recommend to anyone hasn’t watched them. So if you feel like you are in the mood for a movie, don’t hesitate to try one among these. Tested and approved!

  1. Life is beautiful

Italian. Jewish. World war II. You will shake your head and smile as Guido’s silly, romantic acts for love, then you will burst into tears for what happens for the rest of the movie.


2. Amélie

French. Strange. Imagination world. Love. That classic songs remind you of France.

3. The Spanish Apartment

French. Young. Unknown. Dream. Lifestyle. Erasmus. Exchange student. All you need to know about western student’s life. Slightly funny, deep sweet.

4. Intouchables

French. Disable man. We are more similar than we think.

5. 500 days of summer

Love lessons. If you don’t find yourself in this movie, in some type, you will, in the future.

6. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson. Cinematography. An unsual fantastic world of fox. You will definitely die for a visit.

7. The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson. Cinematography. Brotherhood. Family and spiritual value. Extremely beautiful.

8. Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson. Cinematography. This movie is the reason why I had to include Budapest in my euro-broke-trip. Pink cloudy nostalgic atmosphere. Everything about precision, strategy and practiced charm.

9. Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson. Cinematography. Pure love. Courage to find a place one belongs. Scouters’ spirit.

Phòng 12m2


Few months ago I discovered “Hygge”, which means genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day things more meaningful, beautiful or special. This was my first effort in direct myself to somehow more “hygge”. It is actually not hard at all and really bring you that scent of a quality life. The problem lies in maintaining it, which I’m certainly not practicing very well…


The more I stay in France and learn French language, the more I feel like I belong to somewhere else. Mình nhớ tiếng Thụy Điển nhiều, nhớ những ngày mầy mò học ngữ pháp, mò mẫm nhạc trên youtube, đọc ti tỉ bài báo về những thứ kì quặc… Nó đã từng là một giấc mơ, là sự hi vọng và thứ mang lại niềm vui và động lực cho mình mỗi ngày. Mình nhận ra mình sẽ không bao giờ làm được điều gì mà mình không thích.


Tạo dáng là điều mình không bao giờ làm tốt, vậy nên mình rất ngại để người khác chụp hình mình. Mình rất mong một ngày gặp được ai đó chụp hình mình như mình muốn. Lưu giữ lại những hình ảnh của mình một cách tự nguyện, bộc phát và chân thật. Cho tới lúc đó, mình tự chụp vậy~


Mình vô tình may mắn có được một căn phòng view đẹp, mình phải tận dụng nó. Vừa ăn vừa ngắm cảnh chẳng hạn, tự dưng thấy bữa ăn đặc biệt hơn biết mấy!


Bức ảnh này đánh dấu khoảnh khắc mình dùng kẹp tóc cố định được máy ảnh chụp portrait (máy mình bị hỏng ren vặn nên không tự giữ được). Chút khôn lỏi có ích trong ngày!